Fleur de lis
Cheerleading Championship


KAPOS Rules & Divisions


JV Small
JV Medium
JV large
JV Super Large
Varsity Small
Varsity Medium
Varsity Large
Varsity Super Large
Co-ed Small
Co-ed Large

With the recent changes in the cheerleading rules and regulations throughout the state of Kentucky, it has become very important that teams become an active member of KAPOS.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the divisions, judges sheets, and routine requirements prior to competition.

We will only be judging the 2.5 minute routines at the Fleur de lis Cheerleading Competition. This is the most popular division at Regionals and State level competitions.  If you are an exhibition team, you will receive a score sheet with judges comments, but you will not be ranked. Scores from other exhibition teams will not be released. Please click on the KAPOS/KHSAA link for more information.
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